Shamballa Reiki Training

Katherine Stewart
01570 471576

Katherine is fully qualified as a practitioner and teacher of Reiki.

I am a physical-turned-human geographer and PhD student but that doesn't stop me having a fascination with the mystical side of life. I have long been accused of being 'over sensitive', whilst others might say that I am just permanently tuned into a different frequency. Many years ago, I learnt the basics of spiritual healing, for which I had a natural aptitude but sadly, I ended up getting burnt out and drained. I was somehow giving too much away and could never figure out what was going on. I always steered well clear of Reiki as I had heard so many well-respected healers discrediting it, calling it 'Flaky Reiki’, or ‘Reiki Schmeiki'.

I carried on ignoring my healing abilities and psychic nature, immersing myself in academia and conservation work. Eventually however, my life turned upside down and inside out and I gave up on much that I had previously held dear. One of the things I relinquished was my judgement about Reiki and I thought I would suspend cynicism for long enough to receive my Reiki I attunement. I mean, how can you learn Reiki in a weekend, right? (Well, you don't, you are attuned in a weekend and then it is up to you whether you put the work in, or not). Much to my amusement, I found I really loved Reiki- it flowed easily and was so simple and sweet. Its lack of pretence cut to my heart and sweetened me up (a bit). Most surprisingly, I realised that I could suddenly give healing without ending up draining myself, so I was pretty convinced.

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