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Be it children’s birthday parties or fun days out, our site is a great place for children to learn, play or just be outside. Away from the computer screen and buzzing in nature, we want to ensure that our kids have the most wholesome of things to do all year round and throughout the summer

If you have any interest or additional suggestions of things you would like to see then please get in touch. For whats happening soon, please view our events calender.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Wildcraft Adventure: The Outdoor Experience for Video Gamers - £30.00

The Woodland Classroom are bringing their video game inspired activity day to Old Goginan Mine. In computer games like Minecraft and Terraria, players have to survive in a hostile environment; build their own house, hunt for their food, hunt for materials and fend off wandering monsters. Sure, your child can survive in the wilderness on the computer screen, but can they do it out in the woods? In our unique outdoor game kids have to work together, using what they know from video games, to learn outdoor survival skills and earn points along the way.

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