Big Sky Bushcraft – Fire Skills

August-12-2017 2:00 PM - August-12-2017 5:00 PM

Big Sky Bushcraft – Fire Skills

Whether you need your fire for cooking, lighting, protection from predators or just to boost moral this session will give you the skills and knowledge to light fires in all conditions. We start with looking at the principles of why we need fire.

We look at all six methods of fire lighting also tinder both natural and man made and where to source them.Where should you site your fire the do’s and don’ts of finding the right spot. Kindling how much do we need how big should it be.We will also look at various types of fire lays for specific conditions i.e. Windy conditions or creating a good cooking fire.

A really important part of this fire lighting session is how we clear our fire away when we are ready to move on to a new camp. So ensuring the fire is completely extinguished and clearing away all signs of fire and leaving no trace.

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